Torpago Welcomes New Senior Executives to Fuel Q3 Expansion

Torpago appoints James Yacobucci to Head of Bank Partnerships and Noah Martin to Head of Capital Markets

Torpago, a modern business credit card and spend management platform provider, announced today the appointment of two new senior hires: James Yacobucci to Head of Bank Partnerships and Noah Martin to Head of Capital Markets. 

Following Torpago’s recent launch of ‘Powered By’, its white label credit card and expense management solution for financial institutions, the company has experienced significant growth as it continues to build and innovate. Torpago is actively working to fill a gap in the banking space and the work of these new hires brings the company closer to that goal. 

“We are thrilled to welcome James and Noah to the Torpago team,” said Brent Jackson, Founder and CEO of Torpago. “At Torpago we pride ourselves on being an organization built for providing innovative solutions to our partners. We track the changes in the market and listen to the needs of our users as they leverage our cards and platform. The introduction of our new Head of Bank Partnerships and Head of Capital Markets will continue this work and better prepare our team for future opportunities and platform developments.”

The establishment of the Head of Bank Partnerships and Capital Markets positions allows Torpago to branch out and strengthen its core capabilities for partners and users. As Head of Bank Partnerships, Yacobucci will lead pipeline generation, commercialization and implementation for ‘Powered By.’ As Head of Capital Markets, Martin leads capital planning at Torpago to ensure diversification of risk adjusted liquidity and optimal cost of capital. 

“I am excited to join a team delivering products and services that will help traditional financial institutions thrive for decades,” said James Yacobucci, Head of Bank Partnerships at Torpago. “Our architecture enables banks to implement a cloud-native, event-driven payments platform while minimizing disruption to pieces of the bank’s current business best kept unchanged. Torpago’s modularity is a differentiator we expect will enable us to partner with banks across the asset spectrum.”

Torpago is a financial services and spend management platform on a mission to enable banks to offer their customers industry-leading payment solutions that seamlessly integrate into the bank's brand experience.

About Torpago

Torpago is a business credit card and spend management platform provider, empowering businesses with smart and simple solutions that grant more control and visibility of company spending. Our corporate cards and software offer integrated expense management, with real-time transaction tracking for greater visibility, self-regulating spending policies that safeguard the bottom line and automatic accounting tools to help employees focus on more meaningful work. Torpago's credit card and software offerings have been disrupting the traditional business credit card industry since 2020 by offering real-time expense tracking and smart accounting features such as automated spending policies, automated reimbursement and compatibility with other productivity tools. For more information, visit

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