What You Need to Know About Corporate Credit

[New Ebook] SMBs are increasingly moving away from traditional banks for corporate credit. And for good reasons. They want more flexibility from their spend management software to support their evolving dynamic workplaces and employees' needs and streamline their financial checks and processes.

fc_2-1We outline the changes and new options businesses have in our new ebook: Beyond the Gold Cards: Why Companies Are Moving Away from Traditional Banks for Corporate Credit. Our ebook dives into the challenges companies face in using standard company credit cards and expense platforms, including:

  • Difficulty tracking spending and ensuring employees use cards responsibly 
  • Time-consuming transaction monitoring and reporting 
  • Lack of options for virtual spend management
  • And much more! 

Whether you are "leveling up" to a spend management platform for the first time or are frustrated by what you are currently using, this ebook will show you better ways to centralize your resources and reduce time managing your business finances. Download the ebook to find out more!

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