7 Reasons for Banks and Credit Unions to Partner with Torpago

Fintech is booming, and digital partnerships are quickly becoming the new normal. However, fintech vendors are numerous, and evaluations can be time-consuming, making prioritization challenging. Every week thinking is a week where you’re not implementing and getting your new products to the market.

But what if you could have a fast and easy answer to all those and rack up a big quick win? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Our mission is to help financial institutions grow by offering value-added products that are quick to launch, improve customer retention, and increase customer lifetime value.

If you’re considering digital transformation options – or you’ve decided that it’s time to give your business credit programs an upgrade – here are seven benefits of partnering with Torpago and leveraging our Powered By Solutions that can help you get quick competitive wins on the board:

Community bank and credit union focus

Our Powered By suite was built specifically for the needs of financial institutions, and we made it a modular solution that allows our customers to buy an ‘out of the box’ solution or just the parts that match their business needs. 

Fast time to market

Time is money. By leveraging our infrastructure and proven technology, you can launch your bank’s credit card program much faster than if you built it from the ground up – and you won’t need to hire additional engineers to make it happen.  

Business customer features

Our platform includes multiple business-class features and functionalities that appeal specifically to business customers of all sizes. These include expense management, receipt processing, and spending controls. Many businesses currently pay for multiple solutions – offering an all-in-one alternative for tracking spend and expenses will give your bank a competitive advantage.

Easy-to-use mobile app

Our user-friendly mobile app allows banks to substantially enhance their digital banking experience. Available for iOS and Android, the Torpago app includes support for in-app digital wallet provisioning; provides an overview of spend power, transactions, and restrictions; shows real-time card usage and spend alerts via push notifications and text messages; and enables expenses and reimbursement requests to be submitted on the go.

Infrastructure compatibility

The Torpago platform integrates with accounting software and other business tools through native integrations and open APIs. Your customers will easily incorporate Torpago into their tech stack and take advantage of our spend management and data analytics capabilities.

Data analytics and reporting visualization

Get full access to your program and customer data through our Bank Admin Tool (BAT). With Torpago, you can view and manage everything from the number and types of customers enrolled in the program to spending trends, credit limits, and underwriting in process or support tickets in one place.

Support services

We believe in helping our bank and credit union partners get the most out of their investment in us by providing additional resources and knowledge they may need to execute successfully. That’s why we offer services including underwriting, customer support, marketing, and design, in addition to our technology platform. You buy only the support services you need, and our experts will take on as big of a role in your workflows as you need.

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Those are just some of the highlights of the many benefits financial institutions get from working with Torpago and upgrading their credit programs to business class.

If you’d like to learn more about the features and benefits of Torpago’s Powered By Solutions and how modernizing your bank/credit union’s credit card program will help you retain and attract customers, our sales team would love to hear from you. Click here to request a demo and we’ll get in touch to schedule a conversation.

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