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Love it or hate it, the reality is that productivity on the go is an ever-increasing need for modern professionals. US adults are spending roughly 5.5 hours on their smartphones daily, leading to 61% of all website traffic and even 50% of B2B inquiries being driven through mobile devices (source). With the rise of remote work combined with the return of business travel / in-person meetings, it’s important that your team is equipped to get the job done from wherever they are.

Torpago was built with this constantly moving world in mind. Our new and improved mobile app sends everything from our web-based platform into the palm of your hands.

Just used your Torpago card to buy something?

Mobile app sends push notification > Notification brings you to the transaction > App prompts you to snap a photo of the receipt > Submit transaction within seconds of it taking place. From here, approvals take place and charges are instantly synced into your accounting system.

Have time between meetings but not going back to your desk?

Manage transaction approvals, card requests, limit increases, and more all from your mobile device.

Employee needs purchasing power in a pinch?

Send a virtual credit card they can instantly access via the mobile app and then add to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay for use in brick-and-mortar locations.

By empowering your team to manage expenses on the go, you turn the process from reactive to proactive. Say goodbye to being blindsided by massive expense reports at the end of each month and get your grip on employee spending down to a transaction-by-transaction level. Never get caught with nobody around to make important purchases ever again. Increase productivity and visibility by keeping your organization connected.

Download the Torpago Mobile App on your iOS or Android here.

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"Now that we’ve done away with manual reimbursements, wait times for physical cards, and more easily employed the spending restrictions we wanted, we’ve saved roughly 15 hours each month since using Torpago. That gives our company more time to focus on more important tasks at hand, which is an unbeatable value to us."

Financial Controller at InfiniteWorld



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