Feature Spotlight: Reimbursement Processing

When we created Torpago, one of our goals was to make the traditional reimbursement process a thing of the past. While the Torpago card and platform go a long way toward accomplishing that goal, we understand that there are times when an employee will need to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

That's why the Torpago platform includes reimbursement processing, enabling our customers to take advantage of our automation technology to handle reimbursement requests. This makes the process easy for our customers' accounting teams and employees alike.

Benefits for Employees

Torpago makes submitting reimbursement requests and receiving payments a quick and easy process.

All an employee needs to do to submit a reimbursement request is take photos of their receipts and submit them via the Torpago mobile app, web app, or email. Our system will scan the submitted receipts and automatically fill in the details, routing the requests to your accounting team for review and approval.

Once a reimbursement request is approved, funds can be disbursed directly into the employee's bank account without having to wait for payroll or any other payment process.

Benefits for Accounting Teams

Torpago's reimbursement processing is incorporated into the transaction approval dashboard. Instead of going into a separate tool or a separate screen, accounting teams are able to review and process reimbursement requests in the same transaction dashboard they're already familiar with. They'll be able to get their work done more quickly and easily, increasing their productivity.

Since Torpago eliminates the need for a separate reimbursement management tool, there’s also a reduction in overall overhead as well.

Make the Switch to Torpago Today

Torpago combines a rewards-enabled credit card program that supports physical and virtual cards with a robust spend management platform that features an easy-to-use dashboard and automated receipt processing. Featuring 1,000 integrations with accounting, HRIS, and banking applications, Torpago makes it easy for businesses to provide employees with company credit cards while keeping spending in check.

Looking to upgrade your corporate card program? Learn more about Torpago or apply today!

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